Your 50 cent coin may be worth RM86,000

Do you know that your 50 cent coin may be worth RM86, 000 ? Yes, that is 172000X price. That is exactly how much this 50 cent milled (without security edge) was sold in October 2014 at Collectibles Auction Asia. The coin was graded MS65 grade by Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) and sold for SGD28,000 or RM86,000.

How is that possible? Well, hold on to your horses. Not all 50 cents are worth that much. It has to be a 50 cent coin issued between 1967 to 1969. That is just the first criteria. You have to check for the edge of the coin too. The milled edge means that there is no security edge.

50 cents

You notice that the normal 50 cents has a drain (longkang/parit) on it’s edge. Those are just normal 50 cents. Only if you find 50 cents without drain on it’s edge, you can shout and scream.