You won’t believe this is edible !


Have you ever encountered any of these pesky slimy snails on your garden? Commonly refereed as ‘Siput Babi’ in Malay, these disgusting snails are probably nuisance and pest to us. These snails will also destroy crops while being the enemy to many farmers in South East Asia.

Recently one of our reader hired a new maid Anjani from Indonesia. According to Anjani ,our abundantly found snails are actually edible ! These snails are actually a very highly sought after delicacy back at her hometown at Kendiri, East Java.  She started noticing these snails and picks it up.


Here are some results from the snail harvest session. All covered with slime and mucuses.


The snails still are being gutted, wash and cleaned in the kitchen.


Anjani happily gutting these snails


These snails are thoroughly cleaned and is ready for the pan.


Materials are prepared for the snail meal


Anjani, the snails are best served in chili


The snails are being fried in the pan , ready to be served


Our reader reported the snail taste pretty good. Apparently ‘Kamheong’ is not the only way to cook these snails. Back in Kendiri, these snails are also cooked as satays.

These snails are also known by it’s scientific name as ‘Achatina fulica Bowdish’. After some research Sources:animaltokek, it seems there are claims that these slimy creatures have health benefits too. The mucus released by these snails are said to enhance macro phage cells while being antibacterial thus this will enhance wound healing. There are reports that these snails are being used as cosmetic products in Thailand. 

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

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