You won’t believe this, Bangla earning RM 5,000 per month working in KLIA

Photo for illustration purpose only

Photo for illustration purpose only

There has been a photo on what it seems like a salary statement of a foreigner believed to be Bangladeshi worker in Malaysia. This photo has been subjected to heavy debate on social media whether it’s a hoax or real. The salary statement is said to belongs to a foreign worker in KLIA airport.

The total salary of RM 5293 in considered to be much higher than average household income in Malaysia and perhaps has caused doubts among local Malaysians who have much lower salary . The basic salary of RM 900 is acceptable for foreign labors however the amount of overtime is perhaps subjected to debate. From analysis, the overtime pay does make sense  as airport works around the clock and perhaps this worker worked hard for it.


In conclusion, we believe that Malaysia is still a country of opportunities despite the current economic situation .You reap your rewards if you really work hard for it.