You Will be Shocked at The Benefits That Selangor Citizens Receive!

Citizens of Selangor may or may not be aware of the financial aid they are eligible for, but those who live outside Selangor should definitely be aware of these benefits for reference and/or to help you with your moving decisions.  Whilst the aid may not equal a windfall, it could definitely come in handy at important points of our lives.

The following is from the Helping Hands website, which in the past year, “has reached out to more than 10,000 people and linked them Government and private resources including welfare, financial assistance, skill training, education and birth certificates.”

They also claim to have helped Women by “linking them to a complete health, financial assistance and business training package. Through [their] nationwide Mobile Clinic program [they]  provide health screening thousands of women and follows up with free mammograms, and other services. These programs do vary and are based on the needs of the community.”


Here is a list of the aid available to permanent residents and citizens of Selangor, also taken from the Helping Hands webpage:

1. Newborn: RM 1,500 (TAWAS)

2. Play-school assistance: RM100 (SiKembar)

3. Pre-school assistance RM50 (TUNAS)

4. University students: RM1,000

5. Funeral expenses for senior citizens & OKU: RM2,500 (SMUE)

6. Free water: 20m cube/month

7. Microcredit business loans without interest: Up to RM50,000 (Hijrah)

8. Wedding: RM500/person (Insentif Perkahwinan)

9. Medical check up for women: (Memogram)

10. Free SPM tuition: (Pusat Tuisyen Rakyat SPM)

11. Rakyat Dialysis Centre

T&C apply. For more info, please visit any of your Pusat Khidmat ADUN or log onto

What do you guys think? Should all state governments have aid for its citizens regardless of political party? What other aid, if any, should be given to citizens? Leave your opinions in the comments section below.