Would you pay RM87,400 for this phone ?



Vertu, a branded phone manufacturer has launched it’s new signature phone Vertu’s Bentley. This phone comes with no large touch screen, no retina display and is not able to access the Internet at all. It is not running on Android or IOS and it does not support very much apps. This phone is only able to perform basic function such as voice call, SMS or perhaps basic email function


The phone however is carbon fibre built with calf leather back is hand made with a Bentley logo. Options for colored gem, leather choices are also availabl. It also comes with a 24×7 personal concierge service that Vertu bunled for 12 months. The concierge service team will help you schedule your meeting, make recommendations get you into private vent. The phone price starts at $23,000 USD which translates to around RM 87,400. So would you spend the kind of price for this phone ?