True Story: This Bangladeshi Worker Probably Makes A Lot More Money Per Month Than Most Of You Malaysians

True Story: This Bangladeshi Worker Probably Makes A Lot More Money per Month than Most of You Malaysians

A Facebook user reported that she had a surprise when she met a Bangladeshi that makes tenths of thousands ringgit a month in property investments. She was curious how the Bangladeshi did it despite being unable to buy any properties in Malaysia. The Facebook status went viral and many people wanted to know the true story behind his success.

The truth is he partitions the office lot and turn them into dormitories. He is not a low-caste Bangladeshi but an educated one. He works as a manager in a local construction and renovation company.

Through his experience in renovation, he did his own renovation and divided the office into several partitions and used them as dormitories.

These new partitioned dormitories were beautifully painted and fitted with furniture, fans, and air-conditioners. In order to save on air-conditioning bills, 2 dormitories share an air-conditioner. He did it by installing the air-conditioner in a small little hole between 2 rooms.

He only allows the tenants to use the air-conditioner during the night and he monitors them from time to time. He also makes sure that the bathrooms are always clean and he will clean them by himself if necessary.

This is how he did it:

1. He leased an office lot from the owner for RM 1100 a month

2. He partitioned the office lot into 10 dormitory rooms with single and queen-size beds

3. He rents out each room for more than RM400 a month

In total, he profited more than RM4000 a month after deducting the utility bills.

A blog report also said that he has about 10 houses and shop-office lots in the Cheras area alone. Impressive!

Faced with an obstacle of being unable to buy a house, the Bangladeshi worker is still able to make a lot more money than most of the Malaysians per month because he was creative, industrious, and brave enough to take calculated risks.

So, will this put the rest of Malaysians to shame?