Top paying jobs in Malaysia 2017!

Are you feeling unfulfilled in your career or not happy with your current salary? According To The Latest Survey, You Can Now Earn A 5 Figure Monthly Salary By Applying For Any Of These 10 Jobs


Check out the list to below to know where you can head to next to earn some big bucks according to Without further ado, the highest paying job in Malaysia is


Pilot – RM35,000 average monthly salary

Senior Accountant – RM30,000 average monthly salary

Materials Engineer – RM28,000 average monthly salary


Government Affairs Director – RM27,000 average monthly salary

Government affairs directors are special officers from the government department who are public relation specialist coordinating legislative between state ,federal and medias.


Team Leader In Oil and Gas, Energy or mining industry – RM26, 500 average monthly salary


Recruiting Manager – RM25,500 average monthly salary


Regional Bank Manager – RM25,000 average monthly salary

Chief Operating Officer (CEO) – RM24,722 average monthly salary

Regional Director – RM24,583 average monthly salary


Geotechnical Engineer – RM22,833 average monthly salary

The process of understanding soil, rocks and geological composition of earth can land you with a 5 figure job ! Now who says geography is boring

The information above derived from a database of salary information from different agencies, companies, and employer’ in Salary Explorer website. Salary Explorer is a salary comparison website that is suitable for both employers and employees. In this website, both parties can find out the average and median salary for the different type of jobs based on your desired location. There is also a tool to benchmark your salary and to calculate your rank.


The company will then generate the most accurate results as possible using this different information. They also use highly sophisticated statistical formulas to ensure that the submitted figures are not exaggerated.

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