This 10 cent coin is worth at least RM 500 !!

10 cents 1971

It is time to break your coin banks again to look for small change. If you have this 1971 minted 10 cents. It may worth at least RM 500. That would also depends on the condition and the grade of the coin.

Why is the 10 cent coin worth so much?

An experience coin collector would tell you that the value of coins will be more if there are less number of the coins in circulation. There are less than 33,000 of 1971 10 cents being minted and circulated around the market. According to hearsay, the die to mint this coin actually broke so the production of 1971 10 cents were limited. There are at least 2 known variations of the 10 cents 1971 being minted in Malaysia. Please take note that only the exact year of the coin is highly valued. Don’t bring up your Grandmother’s old 10 cent coins and claim it should be more expansive.

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10 cents 1971 coin