The shocking truth behind bauxite mining !



What is Bauxite ?

-Bauxite is a mineral bearing rock named for the region in France where it was first identified.

-This ore is usually reddish to brown in color in nature. It is formed through a process of weathering, leaching, and deposition

-Deposits of bauxite are often found near the surface of the Earth.

-Used to Made Aluminium 

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Bauxite is a type of rock that consists of aluminum hydroxide that typically available on the ground and close to the ground. Bauxite can be dug without tunnel using heavy digging equipment physically.  Bauxite mining creates serious environmental and health problems while it can also damage the entire ecology system. Here are some common pollution effects caused by Bauxite mining.

Irreversible Environmental damage

Environmental Damage from Bauxite Mining in Jamaica. The aftermath of Bauxite mining. The leftover red dirt contains heavy metals where nothing survives and grows on it.


Acid Rain and Air Pollution

Bauxite mining causes heavy amount of dust.These dust are hazards while it can cling on to plant and trees and remain on their leaves for a long time.

Lung Cancer

Bauxite dust consists of radiation products such as radium, thorium, and beryllium. The materials causes lung cancer in the long run. This was documented by Vlink  Sources : Vlink  on exploration of Bauxite mining in Central Highlands of Vietnam.

Quote from Vlink

Toxicity Affecting Human Lives

The red mud puts health and human lives at risk of being lost or harmed due to air, water and fish pollution. The medical statistics prove that prolonged toxicity may cause encephalopathy, osteoporosis, anemia, and possibly Parkinson diseases. An Australian researcher in Australia where bauxite mining is largely developed proved that red sludge causes lung cancer and uterus deformation in rat experiments. The common symptoms of toxicity on humans are dizziness, vertigo, nausea, fainting, or comatose if breathing or taking in a large dosage.


Water Pollution

The red sludge cane percolated to the underground water and contaminate rivers. The recent downpour also caused masses of red earth from the bauxite to flow into river and seas.



Fishery Pollution

Once the red dirt flows into river and seas the poisonous chemicals from the red sludge as fish can subsequently be vanishing or even become extinct


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