Seremban UFO photo a hoax

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Social media was taken abuzz by UFO sightings that was alleged to taken place in Seremban lately. The same ship was said to have been seen across Negeri Sembilan and Rawang. There is a good chance that the photo is a hoax as the UFO looks too familiar..almost too familiar if you have interest in science fiction movie. Here is why we believe the photo is a hoax

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The spaceship from the photo does indeed bears a lot of similarity with the ship from District 9 movie. The ship could have been taken from any part of the movie and merged into any scenery photo from Seremban. If you have not seen the movie , it is pretty much an underrated sci fi with quite sad ending and no more sequel to it. Here are more another angles of the ship from District 9.


TriStar Pictures' sci-fi thriller DISTRICT 9.

Here’s an interesting Youtube video of District 9 ship