RM 200 help for Penang new born

During the economic crisis in the country, the Government of Penang has introduced the Penang Golden Child Program in which every children who are born will receive a one-time help of RM200. At this moment, there are no conditions that require the child to be born in Penang in order to be part of the program. Therefore, children who were born in another state can also apply for the Penang Golden Child Program provided that either the child’s mother or father is a registered voter in the state of Penang.

There are some basic requirements ruled out for the Penang Golden Child Program. The most basic one being that the children born are Malaysian citizens. Application must be made or the money must be collected before the child turns 2 years old. Either the child’s mother or father has already registered with the Election Commissions as a voter in Penang. The collection of the RM200 for the child must be accompanied with the child’s Mykid that contain 12 numbers.   

So, how can applications for the Penang Golden Child Program be made? Bear in mind that this aid can only be applied once for a child. As mentioned, the application must be made for 2 years old children prior to the date of birth. Applications can be made via online only. The link is https://isejahtera.penang.gov.my/anakemas/syarat_permohonan_online.php. After making the application, applicants should print the completed form along with supporting documents. What are the required supporting documents? Get ready all the necessary supporting documents such as a copy of the child’s Mykid, a copy of the child’s birth certificate, a copy of MyKad of both the father and mother, a copy of proof as voter (can be obtained via the SPR website) and a copy of active bank account statement of the parent.

After the application is made online, the application form must be printed out and supplied with a copy of all the necessary supporting documents. All documents must be sent via courier or manually to the district office listed in the application form.