Read This Now To Find Out How You Can Withdraw Your EPF Savings Earlier Than Most of the Other Malaysians

In contrast to what most of the Malaysians think, you can actually withdraw your EPF savings earlier than the stated age requirement if you comply with certain qualifications and requirements.

In general, most people assume that they can only withdraw EPF savings when they reached the retirement age or to purchase a house.

According to the Employee Provident Funds, a person can withdraw his or her EPF savings earlier for the following list of things:

• Withdrawal to reduce or redeem housing loan
• Withdrawal for flexible housing
• Withdrawal for monthly instalments on housing loan
• Withdrawal for being unable to work for a living
• Withdrawal for education expenses
• Withdrawal for leaving the country
• Withdrawal upon the death of the person that holds the EPF savings account
• Withdrawal for performing haj
• Withdrawal for health and medical expenses