Pulau Harimau – The Beautiful Malaysian Island You’ve Never Heard Of.


Situated Off the Coast Of Johor in the Mersing Disrict, Pulau Harimau is one of the most beautiful islands in Malaysia, if not the world.  Like us here, most of  you wouldn’t have heard of it. Its not a popular tourist destination or a publicized attraction of any kind.

Here’s a  mini video tour of the island.


According to a friend of ours who’s recently been there, “It is hands down the most relaxing and gorgeous place my family and I have been to! And we’ve been all over Indonesia and many other places”.  We’ve also seen Facebook albums of trips to Pulau Harimau go Viral because of the sheer beauty captured in those pictures.



I know where I’m going on my next vacation. And I suggest that all of you go check it out too. It seems like a more than viable alternative to expensive trips to Batam or Maldives. Considering that it isn’t more than a few hours of travel by road and not much longer by boat, a trip to Pulau Harimau might just be the best travel decision you could make, and I hope to make that trip soon as soon as I get a weekend off.



Photo Credits: Rizal Hakimm