Metal Object Not MH370 Debris

Reunion Island, 3rd August: A metal debris previously believed to be part of the door of MH370 was confirmed to be false. An official told Reuters that the part was believed to be from a domestic ladder. MH370 disappeared while travelling from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing in March 2014.

The object, which is a twisted piece of metal with symbols on it, had a handle that is made out of leather or plastic. Because the item had Chinese and Malay writing, it was thought to be from the MH370 aircraft.

However, officials had told Reuter that the object is not a plane part, but a ladder. Also, this object is found closer to the capital Saint-Denis, on a different location than the wing part found last week.

The wing part which was found in La Reunion Island on a beach in Saint Andre town is confirmed to be part of a Boeing 777, after testing done in France. MH370 is the only known missing Boeing 777 in the area.