Man shoes stuck into Midvalley Garden’s escalator

The world was shocked last year when an eerie escalator accident involved mother of a child at China that went viral. There were also various accidents that involves children and damaged escalator recently.

Today a man’s shoe was sucked into the escalator of a famous shopping mall in Kuala Lumpur. The photos clearly shows a damaged escalator. The man’s right shoe was also clearly missing while it was stuck and sucked right into the escalator.

The next photo shows the mall staffs retrieving the shoe for the man right from internal parts of the escalator. It is quite clear that the shoe was greased badly by machinery parts inside the escalator.  Fortunately , the man seems alright from the photo and no one seems to be hurt. We would advise everyone to be extra careful with taking escalators especially with young children.







But hey, escalators are everywhere and it is impossible to avoid it these days. Here are some safety precautions when riding an escalator.

  • Before climbing aboard, look to see where the emergency shutoff buttons are in case you need to stop the escalator. The buttons are usually at the top and bottom of each escalator and can be used to stop the escalator in an emergency.

  • Check the direction of the escalator before you take the first step.

  • To avoid the sides of steps where entrapment can occur, stand in the middle of the step. Always face forward and hold the handrail.

  • Step over the comb plate. Always pick up your feet and step carefully on or off the escalator. Never drag or slide your feet off the edge of the escalator.

  • Stay clear of moving parts. Keep your hands, feet and clothing clear of the side panels of the escalator. Remember: loose shoe laces, rubber boots and baggy clothes can get caught in the moving parts of the escalator. Make sure you have no dangling clothing or loose shoelaces that could get caught.

  • Always hold children’s hands on escalators and do not permit children to sit or play on the steps.

  • Never walk up the down escalator or vice versa.

  • Do not bring children onto escalators in strollers, walkers or carts.

  • Stand upright. Never lean on the side of the escalator or sit on the stairs. Never ride on the handrail.

  • Do not run on an escalator.

  • Exit promptly from the escalator. Never stop, stand or play at an escalator landing; this can cause a dangerous pileup.


Source: Hog