Malaysia tops one of the most expensive place for University Education


Malaysian suspicious is right! Many students in private universities have to resort to loans such as PTPTN for their education. Malaysia has been listed as the 5th most expansive country for University Education recently by Business Insider. The analysis was done by Online B2B supplier Expert Market based on tuition fees data Quacquarelli Symmonds (QS) Top Universities and income data from Gallup Median Self-Reported Income report from recent years. The list was achieved by comparing the percentage of income being spent on and tuition data.


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The data shows that Malaysians spent 55% of their salary  on tuition fees which cost around at $18,000 making them the 5th expansive country for University Education. Malaysian tuition fees are actually quite competitive globally however it was dragged by low average salary which is only around RM 2,052.

cost of education to earning ration


Meanwhile , our close neighbour Singapore meanwhile fared a little better at 10th place where 36% of their salary is spent on University Education fees. Hungary bagged the most expansive country with 92% of salary spent on University tuition fees.

Sources : Business Insider   , MarketExpert