Kim Jong Un named Best Dressed Man in North Korea, again


Supreme Leader of Democratic People’s Republic of Korea has done it again. Kim Jong-Un was named the Best Dressed Man in DPRK last year. This was published by official DPRK’s news service Twitter account recently. Apparently Kum Jong Un was also named the best dressed man in North Korea for the last five years.

On 2015, Kim Jong Un made world headlines with his new flat top haircut that defies gravity and newly shaved tiny eyebrows. The haircut then became a mandate for all men in North Korea. All males are required to have no longer than 2 cm hair even top cut with the same sides. All females are also advised to have the same haircut style as Kim’s wife Ri Sol-ju.




His new haircut also made it to CNN news.

At 33, Kim Jong Un is one of the youngest state leader in the world. Apart from being being the Best Dressed Man in DPRK. On April 2015, Kim Jong Un conquered the highest mountain Mount Paektu in North Korea wearing only suit at 9000 ft.  Kim Jong Un was also said to be a child prodigy where he could drive a car at the age of 3


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Supreme leader has also received many other awards both inside North Korea and Internationally.  Previously Kim received Global Statesmen Award from Sukarno Center and Honory Doctorate award from Help University in Malaysia.  Kim also made it to 43 on the Forbes list of The World’s Most Powerful People.