Jamal’s follower sexually harassing female and robbing people at gambling outlets

Datuk Seri Jamal Yunus, the Sungai Besar UMNO Chief and the controversial Red Shirts Leader, along with nine of his followers got arrested for a gang robbery and trespassing of an entertainment outlet in Sekinchan.

Before the incident, Jamal Yunus and his followers have been raiding illegal gambling premises and entertainment outlets which he claimed to operate without proper licenses since early of December last year. The crusade started after Sabak Bernam district council (MBSB) tore down Jamal’s hotel and resort in Sekinchan.

Video of Jamal’s follower sexually harassing a woman

The entertainment outlet’s owner lodged a police report claiming that there were several items missing from the premise after Jamal Yunus and his followers conducted a raid on the place.

Video of Jamal’s follower robbing patrons at gambling den 

Fadzil Ahmat, Selangor CID chief SAC, has confirmed that the police arrested Jamal at his house in Ampang at around 3 PM after the policemen dressed in plain clothes surrounded the property. He also said that the place that Jamal and his followers conducted a raid in was not an illegal gambling premise but an entertainment outlet. After the police arrested Jamal Yunus, the remaining nine of his followers were then rounded up on Wednesday night and the suspects will remain in police custody until the 6th of February 2017. Jamal’s custody will start today and no word was given on when it would end.

After his arrest, Jamal lamented that the entertainment outlet is actually an illegal gambling premise and it is still in operation.

The robbery footage was clearly caught on the CCTV. Furthermore, the CCTV footage showed one of Jamal’s followers performing a lewd act against a woman at the premise. Jamal and his followers also threatened another man in the toilet to surrender his valuable belongings to the group.

This is not the first time that Jamal Yunus was arrested. Previously, he was also arrested for organizing a counter rally to fight against Bersih 5 rally. He was in police custody for 4 days at Ampang district headquarters.