Innocent Looking Girl in Tudung Turns Out to be a Robber.

tudung robber

Yes you read that right. You should not judge appearance too quickly these days. Gone are those days where bag snatcher is a male and rides a motorcycle while is typically identifiable. With increased security awareness and worse economy situation, robbers are also improving and evolving.  On this video that was recorded from a CCTV footage in Kelantan, what it seems to be a normal girl in Tudung surprised everyone to be a robber.

This Malay girl calmly walks out of a car and pretending to walk into a clinic while she is really constantly looking for an easy target. Her appearances did not alert anyone as she appears to look like a very normal innocent looking Malay girl.  On 39 seconds on the video, she gave her victims a nasty surprise by grabbing a handbang and made it off with a CAR! The poor victims did try to give her a chase in vain. I guess villains are always evolving and thus we should be vigilant all the time. Lesson of the day, don’t let innocent looking things fool you.