Foreigner breaking Myvi window and screaming obscenities at Malay couple

mat salleh go crazy
Oct27:  A video of a foreigner or “Mat Salleh” in local term going crazy and shouting obsenities at a Malay couple inside a Myvi went viral on social media yesterday. The incident happened at the North South Highway near the UPM Serdang exit.

The Mat Salleh was riding a motorcycle was believed to be almost involved in an accident with the Myvi. Although the accident did not happened, the Mat Salleh went amok and was believed to have broken the window of the Myvi car in rage.

The video taken by the Malay lady shows the Mat Salleh screaming throughout the whole video in rage and threatening the Malay couple. He kept asking the Malay man to step out of the car to fight. He also threaten to kill the Malay couple. The four letter FXXX word was used extensively by the Mat Salleh. He also called the Malay lady B*** word.

A police report was made and police are looking into the case.

See below for the viral video.