First Generation Stunt Team Members Deliver A Tear-Jerking Tribute To Jackie Chan. If You Still Feel Nothing After Watching This, Then You Are Not Human

In order to get into Jackie Chan’s stunt team, you must definitely have exceptional skills in fighting and falling. You have to sacrifice a lot and one of the members even broke up with his girlfriend because he was in such a risky job. This was the group of guys who believed in Jackie Chan before he became the Jackie Chan we know of today and some of these people joined the Jackie Chan Stunt Team as early as in the late 70s. The team only became official after the success of Project A in 1983.

First Generation Stunt Team Members Deliver A Tear-Jerking Tribute To Jackie Chan. If You Feel Nothing After Watching This, You Are Not Human

In the emotional video tribute, Jackie Chan’s original stunt team members said Jackie treated all of them just like real brothers and they really appreciate from the bottom of their heart what he did for them throughout the years. When he started out, he even shared his small income equally with his team brothers. Many members said he was extremely generous towards them and they had fantastic bonds. All of them called Jackie as their big brother. The Jackie Chan Stunt Team embodies the true spirit of loyalty and brotherhood.

Suddenly, his original stunt team came from behind and the audience gasped and started clapping while Jackie was still oblivious to the situation. They hid behind the current stunt team to prevent Jackie from seeing them.

Before this event, Jackie has lost touch with his original stunt team for many years. The host then asked Jackie how long since he last saw them. Jackie replied 40 years. The host then said his old team would love to meet him again and asked Jackie if he misses them. Jackie could not hold back his emotions and nod his head.

He then explained he and his team went through many ups and downs together throughout the years and experienced horrible injuries such as fractured bones and broken limbs which the audience will never see at the cinema.

While he was explaining about how the JC Stunt Team has grown for seven generations, he turned back and Jackie’s emotions started to flow like there is no tomorrow.

I will let you watch the video without any more spoilers.