Driver summoned by police for dressing badly

According to a post shared by a user on Facebook, a lorry driver was given a fine by the traffic police for not dressing up properly and appropriately.

The incident happened sometime around 11.15AM in the morning at Jalan Duta, Kuala Lumpur. From one of the photos posted on Facebook, it seems that the traffic police have been conducting on-going inspections on different vehicles that passed by prior to the incident.

The lorry driver who wore torn up jeans and slippers was then asked by the traffic police to pull his truck over and he was given a traffic summon for committing a traffic offense. The offense listed was not dressed properly while driving the lorry.

The person who shared this incident on Facebook gave his own opinion on the incident by saying that the incident clearly proves that the Malaysian Government is rapidly running out of money and they are desperate to find more ways to make money. Hence, one of the ways to do so is to implement rules and regulations that made no sense, such as this.

Many of the Facebook users also shared the same sentiment by agreeing that the Malaysian Government is running out of money and desperately looking for more loop holes and ways to make more money. They also commented that is ridiculous to impose such a fine on an offense like this. While most of the users were against the issue, certain users completely supported the act. These users said that is compulsory for drivers who are driving public transportations including trucks to dress up properly and to wear shoes at all times. Therefore, failure to follow these rules and regulations should result in a fine. Another Facebook user even suggested the lorry driver to try seeking for justice by contesting the matter in the court.

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