Dogs queue better than humans !

chinese dog queue

Apparently they do,  this photo is taken from a Police dog academy in China where dogs are required to line up and bite their bowl before dinner is served.  At the front of the line is a black dog that is waiting with another 5 German Shepards on the back. Dogs are required to accept standard instructions before they are able to serve in the police academy.

According to People’s Daily Online  , a dog that has good features, good appetite, courageous are said to be good police dogs. The Daily also quote that dog has vigilant observation while passionate at work.

Besides being man’s best friend. Dogs have been assisting humans in the police and military forces to  since ancient times.

rottweiler ancient rome

Breeds such as Rottweiler are said to came from the ancient Roman times serving with the legions of Rome.  Rottweilers are known for their powerful force and guarding instinct.


French first aid dog. These dogs are trained to search for the wounded soldiers in World War 2 battlefields. Dogs were also used to run send messages between stations when communications are broken during the war.

Police dogs showing off their ability in China