Awesome Deadpool Facts Part 1 – He Killed ALL the Presidents

Welcome to the Deadpool fact series! I am sure that we’ve all watched the highly anticipated Deadpool movie by now. If you haven’t, no need to turn back, there are ZERO SPOILERS. Only Deadpool stories and Facts from the comic books in this series of articles written by a comic nerd.

So let’s get to the first Awesome Fact about everyone’s favorite anti-hero:

Deadpool VS Abraham Lincoln

1. He Killed Every single U.S President!

Well “re-killed” them actually. When a “dumbass necromancer” named Michael brings back all the presidents because he wanted to “help the country”, S.H.E.I.L.D turns to Deadpool to kill them all again because the rest of the Marvel heroes have an image to maintain ( What now?).

My Personal favorite was when Deadpool took out J.F.K, who was just about to re-invade Cuba ( yeah its not a very P.C comic). There was also a segment where J.F.K almost revealed the identity of his shooter but got cut-off (yes literally) by the Merc with a mouth, who was dressed as Marilyn.

Special Props for Killing J.F.K while dressed like Marilyn Monroe as seen below . (P.S. not for kids)


deadpool                                        J.F.K : GAH! That wasn’t there last time. C’mon Marilyn put on some panties!


What did you think of the first installment of this series? Leave us your comments below. Oh and next time, we might just dive into how Deadpool crosses paths with THANOS (the guy in the post-credits scene of the avengers). Or maybe even the time he kills all the avengers.



Until next time folks!