The Bible Claims That Humans Will Hear The Sound Of 7 Trumpets Before The End Of The World. Five Sounded. Are You Afraid Of The Next Two?

According to the Bible, seven trumpets will sound before the end of the age and there will be second coming of Jesus Christ. Five trumpets had already sounded and with two more left, we must look at the Bible to under what we are going to get ourselves into.


The five trumpets that sounded came during the most critical moments in human history and a third world war might trigger the six trumpet to sound. By understanding the Biblical prophecies and the previous events related to them, we will know what to expect when the two final trumpets sound.

The First Two Trumpets

In Revelation 8:7, John visualizes an apocalypse happening. He said that hail and fire will mix with blood falling to the group and it will destroy around 33% of the world’s grass and trees.

This happened during World War 1, when the military fired large amounts of artillery shells and chemical agents at troops for the first time in history, killing more than 8 million people. Armies from both sides then burned vast spaces of areas of land to prevent their enemies taking advantage of the natural environment or man-made items.

World War 2 triggered the second trumpet. In Revelation 8:8-9, the Bible explained that it will destroy 1 out of 3 ships involved in the war. True to its words, one-third of the ships sunk. The nuclear bomb dropped on Hiroshima also resembled a great mountain on fire, a sight that was new to the world during then.


The Third Trumpet

In a podcast about the seven trumpets, Irvin Baxter shared his understanding on the sound of the third trumpet that occurred during the Chernobyl nuclear disaster with his listeners. Revelation 8:10-11 said that a third trumpet will sound when a star called Wormwood will fall and affect one-third of the waters in the world.

Later on, Irvin researched on the disaster and found out that Chernobyl actually means Wormwood in Russian. Adding to that, nuclear radiation from the destroyed power plant also contaminated 33% of the water supply in European and Western Asia. As a result, thousands of people and marine life died due to diseases caused by the radiation.

The Fourth Trumpet

In Revelation 8:12-13, prophecies explained that the fourth trumpet will sound before days became shorter and the sun will not shine on the third day. After they tore down the Berlin Wall in 1989, there was a shift in globalization. 29 months later, the sound of the fourth trumpet came.

The Fifth Trumpet

According to the prophecies in the Bible, the sound of the fifth trumpet will happen during a bottomless pit of fire which will block the sunlight. During the Gulf War, the Iraqi military torched more than 700 oil wells that were one of the largest and underground wells of oil in the planet in Kuwait’s desert. Described in Revelation 9:11, prophecies said the meaning of Saddam Hussein’s name is destroyer or Abaddon in Hebrew. The Iraqi military started a battle with the United Nations in the Middle East, an area that is currently still under lots of turmoil.

The Six Trumpet

The sixth trumpet will most likely sound before a war starts near Euphrates River, a waterway that along Syria, Iraq, Turkey, and Iran. Revelation 9:13-21 said that 4 angels will command an army of 200 million people.

Due to having over 1 billion people, China is able to field an army of over 200 million soldiers today. The countries under the Islamic faith can also do the same. The Bible said that we will see the Abomination of Desolation and the Great Tribulation in this great war soon.

The Final Trumpet

The seventh and final trumpet will sound during the most dynamic event in human history The Bible said that Jesus Chris will once again return to earth during this time and send his angels to reward all saints for their faith and to pass his judgment on the world. This event will also mark the end of human government and earth will be the Kingdom of God for the next one thousand years.