Awesome Deadpool Facts Part 2-He Killed the Avengers and all of Marvel

Yes you read that right. He kills the Avengers, but not only the Avengers. His killing spree extended to the entire Marvel Universe! It all happened in a four – part series called “Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe”.

After an experiment goes wrong, Wade Wilson a.k.a Deadpool completely loses it and is unhinged as he starts indiscriminately decimating/murdering the most famous Marvel heroes. He also goes after villains and superhero teams. The Avengers fall to Deadpool’s usage of Pym Particles, but more impressively, he kills off the Fantastic Four using just his sword and kick-ass martial arts skills.  He cleverly baited the Punisher into a trap and made the fearless antihero break into a cold sweat just before he killed him.  He even manages to kill the HULK! (which we may or may not cover in a separate article). In a nutshell, he sneaks up on a sleeping Bruce banner and kills him as soon as he wakes up. Even Spiderman, the dude that Deadpool has repeatedly tried to be best- friends with, gets an offing, albeit a pretty lame one (shot to the head anyone?).

Deadpool killing the Fantastic 4

Deadpool also ended up in control of another villain’s (Puppet Master) powers which he used to force dozens of characters into committing suicide.  In my opinion the most awesome of all was his destruction of the X-Men. My favourite part of that was the one scene in which Deadpool confronts Wolverine while wearing Beast’s skin as a fur coat.

Deadpool’s descent into madness did not stop him from constantly or incessantly referring to the audience by breaking the fourth wall. However, his fourth- wall interactions become more and more angry and vicious up until the point he looked right toward the reader and said “I will find you soon enough.”


Deadpool torturing his shrink

According to this review of “Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe” by comical musings which you can find at this link:

“For some reason, the story is smooth but also grips you.  Deadpool’s consciousness has been shattered and now we have a cold-blooded killer, who can regenerate, out for the blood of everyone in his respective universe.  The ways that he dispatches his enemies range from clever (using Puppet Master dolls to have characters commit mass suicide) to silly (Pym particle mini bombs grow and kill a favorite supergroup) to efficient (shooting someone in the face).  Deadpool dishes out carnage at an alarming rate as he seems to “Kill The Marvel Universe” with relative ease.  It’s a wild ride and you are constantly waiting to see what will happen next.”

Although this series makes for a very interesting and entertaining read, it is not to be taken as part of an actual stroyline as its more of a fun mini series. Nevertheless it is one of my favourite comic storylines. Just don’t expect to see it on the big-screen anytime soon, if ever.