Amazing Haze view from space


PHOTO: Satellite image from September 24, 2015 shows smoke from fires in Indonesia over the coasts of Borneo and Sumatra. (NASA Earth Observatory)

Tired of looking and breathing haze from our perspective ? Here are some interesting photos that were released by Nasa on the recent smoke that blanketed Malaysia and Singapore for the past month. These are the latest photos that was released by NASA with the recent burning activity in Indonesia on the end of September 2015 at Sumatra, which is just next to Malaysia and Singapore.

Things are certainly look pretty bad. Strong smoke and fire burning activities are still very strong on the end of September. NASA warns that this could be one of the worst record forest fire. Visibility has dropped badly in Singapore and Malaysia. Experts have also suggested that the haze may peak and last longer this round due to El-Nino dry effect before it gets any better. We certainly hope the experts are wrong.


Here is one photo from 2014. Which is equally interesting.

Indonesia_amo_2014066 2014

Images taken from  Landsat8 satellite on early September 2015 during the forest burning in Jambi, Sumatra. Smokes can clearly be seen from the burn sites.




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