2 Million Black Birds Are Suddenly spotted on a beach , is it the end of days ?

Millions of blackbirds were suddenly spotted on the shores of Ras Al Khaimah beach and the locals had a shock and mistakenly thought that they were dead crows, a creepy phenomenon and a sign of bad omen. Could this be the end of the world?
Fortunately for them, these are not dead crows. The blackbirds are fondly known as Al Lawa birds by the locals, according to Dr. Sai Al Ghais, the Director of Authority, RAK.

These Al Lawa birds will migrate in big numbers from tenths of thousand to millions to the United Arab Emirates to search for a warmer climate and they always do the same thing every year.
Scientifically known as Cormorant Birds from the species Phalacrocorax carbo, Al Lawa birds are usually seen on the warm beaches of the UAE during the winter. The birds do this annually to escape themselves from freezing cold weathers in European continents, according to a marine biology professor.
These birds will migrate to any coast that has plenty of fishes and they usually breed on the coasts and make their nests on cliffs and trees. UAE is always considered as one of the destinations for these birds because of the warm climate that the country offers.